Live Dumpster weather – the data is coming from inside the can!

One of the main goals of Phase II is establishing a information baseline. We need to collect data about every aspect of Dumpster life so we have a basis for comparison when we move to the Ultimate Phase III Dumpster. The first suite of sensors are tracking the Dumpster conditions – Dumpster weather.  We launched this project component in July when connected the official Dumpster weather station. We’re now monitoring:

  • Interior temperature
  • Exterior temperature
  • Relative humidity, interior and exterior
  • Solar radiation
  • Rain
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Dew point
  • Garden soil moisture content

Reporting live! We record a data point every 5 minutes and data uploads once and hour.

You can follow along here:

It may look a bit technical now, but we’re working on the interactive Dumpster dashboard. Stay tuned! Check out those interior temperatures before the air conditioning was hooked up, 130 deg F. The partial answer to our hypothesis was clear. No, you cannot have a happy, healthy life in August in Texas in a Dumpster without AC.



* photo credit: Sarah Natsumi, 2014


  1. I wonder what full shading from solar radiation would have netted in terms of reduced temperatures. Perhaps even a berm of insulated earth on the west and south sides…might have made even greater difference without using power. (some Native American tribes found earth tempering a very worthwhile investment.)

  2. White paint, Insulation, Ventilation, Evaporation,